lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

The IWECI Summit

Climate Change has disproportionate effects, and women are the most affected ones. Among them, girls and young women, especially in developing countries take the worst part. But it doesn’t mean women are part of the problem to be solved because indeed, women have the solutions. Women are the main educators, land keepers and food providers. They know how to build a new economy system based on community benefit and not in individual profit.

That is why the IWECI Summit is so important. It is gathered 100 amazing women specialized on different areas related to climate change. Policy makers, indigenous leaders, climate scientists, NGO founders, were sitting all together discussing common solutions that will be translated into a single Women’s Climate Action Agenda.

I am thrilled to be part of this and have great expectative from this new network because all the delegates are empowered women that understand the urgency of the climate crisis and they have the capacity to reach the girls and young women empowerment on environmental issues.

I’ve heard wonderful words from women as Jane Goodall – who is my personal hero – and Vandana Shiva – who has shaped the socio environmental paradigm that I advocate for. I am totally inspired and ready to go back to Bolivia with renewed energies and work as hard as possible to make this dream a reality.

Making the first changes to reach the world we want for girls is in our hands. If we don't start, nobody will. 

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